Specialty Welding
JEGON has a vast experience providing shop and field specialty welding services. Our primary strengths are the experience and skills of our crafts personnel, the quality of our work, our ability to respond rapidly to client emergencies, and the flexibility to accommodate project changes.

We employ highly skilled, specialized welders and certified welding inspectors. 

Welding Services  Types of Equipment  

 • Overlays & Vessel Repairs
 • Cyclone Repairs & Replacements  
 • Furnace Tube Fabrication & Installation
 • All Types of Alloy Welding 
 • All types of tower internal repairs
 • Boilers
 • Furnace and heaters
 • Cyclones
 • Towers and vessels
 • Tubes
 • Compressors
 • Heat exchangers
 • Power piping and process piping
National Board & ASME Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Code Stamps 
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