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Welcome to Jegon Industrial Services Inc.

Jegon Industrial Services Inc. is located in South Houston, Texas. A privately held company founded in 2011. Serving clients in the refineries, oil & gas, chemical Industrial facilities and LNG (Pipe Line Services) in accordance with our customer standards and codes of Multi-Site Agreement. JEGON is a certified company by ASME S, U, PP, "R" & NB Stamps under National Board.

JEGON full service mechanical contractor fabrication, field construction services and engineering support. With an uncompromising commitment to safety, quality control, training and innovation. Building our clients vision and relationship, providing with superior service that exceed their expectations.


 JEGON is experienced with solving and completing projects with expertise and our procedures ensure demands are met on-time and within budget. Our management staff at JEGON averages over 200 combined years of construction knowledge and experience in this roll. With a proven track record of outstanding safety performance, cost control, planning and scheduling, JEGON strives to ensure that each and every project is completed on time, within budget and in a safe, efficient manner.

 JEGON has a workshop facility to fabricate and repair any process equipment and piping systems. Our personnel are trained to perform all job activities under safety laws and procedures, and are equipped with properly inspected tools to complete successfully every single project. Our expertise specializes in alloys, Hastelloy, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel piping welding according with AWS procedures, and managed by NDE's at each single weld joint. 

Therefore, JEGON offers experienced Specialty welders, fitters and all the personnel you require for your next project with high experience in solving emergency reparation and construction in and off the field. 


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